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You can own this perfect flawless Early Strike 2013 American Silver Eagle at a special low price. You can buy one or up to twenty per
customer. Be one of the first to bring home this majestic Eagle in pure .999 silver. This Silver Eagle coin features a stately Lady Liberty
striding forward in one of the most beautiful and iconic images of all time. This limited edition Early Strike American Eagle dollar makes a
great addition and investment to any collection.

About This Special Coin

  • Approx. 99.93% pure silver
  • Legal tender of one dollar
  • Limited quantity graded
  • After these coins are gone no more will be certified " Early Strikes"
  • Super high popular coin, especially when combined with the MS70 grade
  • Outstanding eye appeal with its full, mint original luster
  • Encapsulated by PCI



The obverse design
features A.A. Weinman's
"Walking Liberty,"
introduced on the
Walking Liberty silver
half-dollar which was
minted from 1916-1947.
"Liberty," "In God We
Trust," and the year is also
inscribed on the obverse.



The reverse design features
an eagle grasping an olive
branch in one talon and
arrows in the other. The
eagle is situated behind a
shield, and under 13 stars
representing the original
thirteen colonies. The
Design is by sculptor John

What You Get

Approx. 99.93%